Columbia Pest Control - Locally owned, dependable, fast, environmentally safe pest eradication services. Columbia Pest Control - Locally owned, dependable, fast, environmentally safe pest eradication services.
Residential, commercial and industrial pest control services.
Residential pest control services

What we do for your Home:

  • Send an expert Service Technician to perform a thorough inspection and find the source of infestation.

  • Recommend and provide the best plan for pest control and prevention procedures.

  • We stand behind all of our work!

Specifics we provide include:

  • General pest inspection and treatment.

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) inspection and reporting.

  • Thorough indoor treatment. From attic to crawl or basement.

  • Thorough outdoor treatment as well as removal of wasp nest and spider webs.

  • Termite and other wood-destroying organism inspection and reporting.

  • Ant control.

  • Biting insect investigation and reporting.

  • Exterior and interior rodent control.

  • Written guarantees and bids.

    Note: We stand behind all of the work we perform. All guarantees
    are based on the type of pest, structure and surroundings.

Areas we cover include:

  • Treat Door, Window and Overhead Door frames.

  • Treat in and behind bathroom and/or kitchen cabinets, including pipes.

  • Treat around all appliances and furniture that are not easily moved.

  • Treat areas where decks, patios, or steps come up against the outer siding.

  • Treat the exterior of your Home.

  • Treat wall voids as needed.

  • Treat up and under the siding around the building.

What’s included in our Residential Service Treatment?

  • Initial service: Columbia Pest Control will correct the existing pest problems by first conducting a thorough inspection, and then provide precise elimination and prevention techniques. Preventive maintenance programs are available and highly recommended but not required.

  • Regular scheduled prevention service: Columbia Pest Control will provide a regularly scheduled maintenance program coordinated to prevent further infestations.

  • Additional service calls: Should additional service calls be required between normal scheduled visits for any of the pests covered under this agreement, there will be no additional cost to you.


  • Materials used: The materials utilized for control purposes are approved by the appropriate regulatory agencies and are applied in a manner consistent with product labeling.

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